Interview with Yilian Ng Floral Atelier

Canon Singapore: From fashion to flowers, what inspired you to make a switch to the floral business?

Yilian Ng: At the end of the day, I still see myself as a writer and stylist but who now uses flowers instead of clothes as a medium. I feel that your personal sense of aesthetics and the eye you develop is a culmination of everything you’ve been exposed to, so moving from fashion to flowers is to me, the most natural step.

Canon Singapore: Embarking into a new industry must have been exciting, what is your favorite aspect of the work you do today?

Yilian Ng: The creative aspect of this supposed new “career” is still very similar. What’s drastically different in this line of work is developing a business mind for things, which didn’t come as naturally to me as styling with clothes or flowers. In saying that, because it’s the most unfamiliar aspect of my job, it’s also my favorite because

Canon Singapore: On Valentine’s Day, couples around the world celebrate their love for each other. How do you celebrate it?

Yilian Ng: We celebrate our romance every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. We listen and engage intently with each other and focus on being together when we can. In this way, we are more present and I think that’s something most take for granted. So we practice mindfulness when we are together.

Canon Singapore: How did you and your partner meet and fall in love?

Yilian Ng: Thinking back, it seemed almost impossible that the two of us could meet and fall in love. We both came from very different backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances but somehow, we were drawn to each other. Our romance continues to blossom because we always make an effort to be there for one another. Most importantly, we have a deep respect for each other and are not complacent in our relationship. We persist to grow emotionally and mentally as individuals because we know that’s how we become better ourselves and in turn, for one another.

Canon Singapore: How do you juggle between work, love life and family?

Yilian Ng: Adam is blessed to have a lot of flexibility in his job as a university lecturer and I run my own business so that also allows me a lot of autonomy in how I want to spend my time. Because of our working flexibilities, we actually get to be home a lot with each other and his kids. So on most days, when his kids return from school, either he or I, and sometimes both of us are home to welcome them.

For myself, the control I have over my own time is such a blessing. I don’t get trapped in a corporate setting where certain protocols are in place that as employees, we have to adhere to. I realise I can achieve so much more within 24 hours in my life because