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Moza Lite 2 Premium

The MOZA Lite 2 Handheld Gimbal is a camera stabilization system designed for professional filmmaking and amateur video shooting to capture smooth footage. Weighing in at a measly 2.2kg the gimbal can handle a payload of 5kg. The gimbal can support a variety of cameras, ranging from mirrorless cameras to common DSLRs including Canon 5D Ⅲ, C100. MOZA uses built-in sensors and 3 brushless motors working on 3 axes to control the movements of pitch, tilt and roll of the camera for ultimate stabilization. The accuracy can reach up to the range of 0.02 degree. The users can hold the gimbal in three different modes: underslung / upright / and briefcase for different shooting scenarios. In addition to handheld operation, the gimbal can be used in other shooting platforms. For even more flexibility in use, you can remove the detachable handle bar and then mount the MOZA to a tripod, rig, crane, or drone.
  • MOZA Lite Gimbal x 1MOZA Intelligent Battery x 1Battery Charger x 1Camera Mounting Plate x 1Wireless Thumb Controller x 1Power Distribution Unit x 1MOZA Tuning Stand x 1