Ever looked at a photo and wished you could take one like that? Unlike traditional forms of art, photography is art with the use of technology. You may possess the qualities of an advanced photographer but lack the equipment. Maybe it is time for you to upgrade your gear to take your photography game up a notch!  Here are five ways you could reach that new level.

1. Share your photos for feedback and critique

Feedback and critiques are important to a photographer’s growth. Show your photos to others and listen to their interpretations. If their interpretations are in line with the messages that you intended to convey, give yourself a pat on the back! At the same time, be open to criticisms and misaligned interpretations, and take them as opportunities for improvement and may even spark new ideas and inspiration.

What’s an easier way to share photos and get feedback than on social media platforms? With the Canon EOS 1500D, you can pair your smartphone via Wi-Fi/NFC and the Camera Connect App, which allows you to easily browse, save and upload your photos to social media through your smartphone.

With a 24.1-megapixel APS-C-size CMOS sensor, the entry-level DSLR is perfect for photography beginners looking to capture high-resolution images and movies with ease, while also being pocket-friendly.

While feedback is important, remember that photography is subjective. Just because someone disagrees with your interpretation does not mean that you have failed. As long as you love the photo you have taken, that composition deserves to be called a good photo.

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2. Don't miss out on moments

It may be difficult for beginners to identify places or moments that make a good photo. Instead of stressing out about capturing the ideal moment, let it come naturally. Amazing photos are not always planned, they sometimes present themselves when we least expect them.

This is why we always recommend carrying around a camera, such as the sleek and compact PowerShot G7 X Mark II. Don’t be fooled by its size; the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a powerful force that packs a large sensor. Featuring the new DIGIC 7 imaging processor, noise reduction is improved even when shooting at mid to high ISO speeds. High ISO speeds are useful when shooting in low light situations, as it helps to maintain a proper exposure.

As a beginner-friendly camera, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is perfect for those just embarking on their photography journey. With DIGIC 7, autofocus performance is improved in situations of low colour intensity and low contrast, even in overcast weather conditions or dimly-lit locations.

Worried about shaky hands? Its new Dual Sensing IS system boasts image stabilisation capabilities that compensate shakes caused by body movements.

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3. Look at things from a new perspective

Photography “rules” can act as guidelines, but they should not constrain your imagination and creativity. Do not be afraid of experimenting with different angles, you never know what you may find. Experiment with shooting from different heights and angles. Try the bug’s eye view by getting down and zooming in on objects on the ground, or try the popular flat lay method by shooting overhead.

Get creative with angles while still keeping an eye on your shot with the Canon EOS M50. With its vari-angle touchscreen LCD monitor, you have more freedom to experiment various angles. Featuring the DIGIC 8 image processor, the EOS M50 presents significantly enhanced shooting performance with smoother continuous shooting, seamless movies and lower noise levels that ensure improved overall image quality. With the Canon EOS M50 as your partner, experimenting with new techniques and angles are fun and easy!

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4. Constantly analyse and reflect

You are your most important judge and it is necessary that you analyse and critique your own photos. Honest critiquing of your own photos, partnered with receiving critiques from others, allows you to identify limitations that are hindering your advancement.

Hold on, you’re not done! Analysing is not a one-time event, it goes beyond that. As you grow as a photographer and acquire more knowledge, your perspective and ideas are bound to change. As a start, have your photos printed and keep them close so that you can analyse them from time to time. Sometimes, identifying areas for improvement is easier when you are not so caught up in them. At the same time, looking at your old photos may spark inspiration for your new shoot!

With the Canon PIXMA TS9170 featuring a 6-ink system that improves colour reproduction, printing high quality and vivid photos in the comfort of your home is a breeze. Printers can be confusing but definitely not the PIXMA TS9170! Equipped with a 4.3” intuitive colour touchscreen display panel and ability to accommodate different paper sizes and types simultaneously, operation is smooth and simple. While printing your photos for analysis is important, you shouldn’t need to spend hours on it. The printer features a 2-way paper feeding and auto duplex printing to help you save time and resources. A photo of 4x6” only takes 17 seconds!

Available in classy champagne gold, the PIXMA TS9170 will add a touch of luxury to your home.

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5. Add the element of time to your shots

Some great photos are the product of spontaneity but most successful shots require a few tries for the perfect shot. A genre that will immensely take your photography up a new level is long exposure photography, which consists of taking photographs using longer exposure times than needed for a normal shot. This technique is usually used in night photography and light painting for an outstanding effect.

As this technique features elements out of our control, patience is a virtue. Depending on the desired outcome, each shot can take up to a few minutes. As a result, even the slightest movement during that duration may ruin the shot. To ensure a clear and sharp photo, use a tripod to stabilise your camera and a remote shutter to prevent any shake from pressing or releasing the shutter. For beginners, the Sirui T-1004XL Black Aluminium Tripod + E10 Ballhead is a reliable and affordable option for your desired shot. As our most compact full-size tripod, it is perfect for any traveller. 

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With all the right equipment, all you need is patience, practice and perseverance. Being a good photographer does not happen overnight. Take comfort in the fact that every mistake you make is a learning experience that pushes you one step closer to your desired level. But most importantly, enjoy what you do and have fun!