Being Claudia

The role of a working mum isn’t easy. She is often found juggling between the demands of her children, husband and the boss who expects your work to be on his table first thing tomorrow morning. She is always expected to be there, and to deliver all these with little or no appreciation in return. Indeed, she is an extraordinarily strong, smart, tenacious lady.

This Mother’s Day, may we find it within our hearts to celebrate the love and sacrifices our own mothers have provided, without expecting anything in return. It is time we value our mums for the things they teach us, and inspire us. Whilst flowers and chocolates are a perfectly suitable way to say thanks, it's the time you spend and the moments you capture that would mean the most for the years to come.

Claudia is a full-time-work-at-home mother of two girls, Ayra and Zara. She enjoys crafting and creating photo projects with her daughters regularly.

Believing play is an important part of a growing child, she allows her girls to use their imagination with toys, games and even when browsing through storybooks.

The Loving Mum blog is a channel for her to share about her mini adventures with her loved ones, and the things she is passionate about.

Claudia is often found with a great sense of humor and a knack for making everything fun for her children and even herself. She values her moments with her family and is always carving out time to bond with her children through activities and crafting.

Let’s see how she spends a typical workday in her life.


9am: Drops kids off at childcare and heads to office.

10am: Print presentation slides with Canon printer and get ready for a shoot.

11.30am: Shoot at client's place with DSLR.

1.40pm: Edit photos on the go with Wifi transfer to ipad from camera.

2.30pm: Quick tea break with friends whom I've not met for long time. Selfies with Powershot camera.

8pm: Crafting activities with kids with printouts from Canon printer / Scrapbooking with holiday photos.

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